Aleksandr Dolgaryev

CТО, Quantum

Topic: Multiple Object Tracking using Person Re-identification for Video Analytics Platform

Language: Russian

Abstract: There is going to be Video Analytics Platform based on person tracking by re-identification presented. The first part of the speech will be devoted to the overview of Multiple Objects Tracking (MOT) problem and typical challenges. Next, we will describe the framework: building blocks of the system and the main steps of the system development and problem resolving. Also, will demonstrate the business application and real-world examples: person detection, football analysis (time analysis, location analysis, direction analysis).

About:  Aleksandr is a CTO in Quantum, has 17 years of experience, held the next appointments: developer, Tech Lead, Team Lead, Architect, PM, CTO. He has a strong general computer science background, as well as plenty of experience with many technologies. Aleksandr can make architecture and propose the optimal technology for distributed and complicated solutions.