Michael Yushchuk

Machine Learning Engineer, Quantum

Workshop topic: Simple object detection with Tensorflow

Language: Russian

Abstract: On the workshop we will solve the task of detecting the gesture “heart” on the photo using Tensorflow object detection API. We’ll recover methods that were applied to a similar task in the past. Also, we’ll get a basic understanding of neural networks and how they are applied to the object detection, using one of our projects as the example. Finally, we’ll go through all the steps, starting with the search and markup of the dataset, finishing with the preparation of the model for the application.

About: Michael Yushchuk is a Machine Learning Engineer, who works in Quantum and has 2 years of commercial experience. He has a strong general computer science background, as well as plenty of experience with Python, SQL storages and other server side-related technologies; has worked on Machine Learning, Computer Vision tasks, using scikit-learn, matplotlib, scipy, pandas and other.