Welf Wustlich

CTO, Planet AI

Topic: Cognitive Supercomputing for images, text and speech

Language: English

Abstract: Planet AI is going to present its latest state of the art technology – PlanetBrain.
Following to a general technological overview we will demonstrate how PlanetBrain works in powerful real world applications in various domains as for example: traffic surveillance, automatic address recognition and parcel sortation, document analysis, speech analysis and visual object detection.
Our presentation will end up with a short visionary outlook about what is coming up soon.
We hope you will enjoy and get inspired for your own AI projects!

About: Since years Mr. Wustlich is managing the department of R&D of Planet GMBH (www.planet-ai.de). Besides organizing many international research projects he designs Planets R&D strategy and is responsible for the development of new technologies guiding internal projects and teams. So he was coordinating European research projects with leading European research partners (e.g. FP7-Organic) until 2012 and also national co-operations for example with CITlab from university Rostock (citlab.uni-rostock.de). Besides participating on international scientific research (e.g. Neural Computation Dec 2012), Mr Wustlichs main focus is, integrating newest state-of-the-art technologies into Planets recent product development. Since 2015 Mr. Wustlich is leading Planet AI GmbH in Rostock a R&D dedicated spin-off running a team of selected experts to develop latest state of the art technologies in the area of AI.